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Money money

Honey honey

Anxiety ridden

Stress obsessed

Twice blessed

Lock it in

Let me win

The easy way

Nothing more to say.

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Sufferin’, Simmerin’

Time, can you quickly,

more quickly pass?

I feel like I’m stuck inside an hourglass. I feel like the road is getting wider,

and the sunrise seems further away.

And there’s a man in the women’s restroom, and there’s a bruise on my right arm. And I almost ran over a pedestrian today just to keep her away from harm.

The sun sets earlier every day.


© 2000 Jaime Lynn Smith

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People are on blast like the world’s going to end.

Insensitive and crass, suddenly those Golden Rules can be bent.

Vertigo, vertigo, spinning and spinning…Why, nobody knows.

But we get blown around in the whipping breeze. It’s a gray day outside – it forebodes… telling me my intentions were spoiled when I never made it to my knees.

The wind is blowing the rain into my car, I’m soaked and blinded from a massive downpour.

The sky’s gloomy gray and it’s unfolding on us from afar.

The ensuing torrent has just caused worrisome years to burst forth from all my scars.

It approaches me but I slumber like a Willow left with no defense.

Still shell-shocked I just can’t believe I hurdled that pesky metaphorical fence –

Only to keep running as fast as my feet can go.

And though it’s unfamiliar now, in my head there’s a humming glow.

From what I’ll never know.


© 2015 Jaime Lynn Smith

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Stand Up

Don’t act like you can play this game

‘Cuz I can put your IQ to shame.

You grin some, you win some. But I’m not to blame.

I can see what you mean by looking at your face,

But it’s buried in the sand, its usual place.

If you choose to be meek, you’ll lose ‘cuz you’re weak.

©Jaime Lynn Smith 1998

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The Dark and the Night

These are last three stanzas of a horribly hurtful poem that I only revisit on occasion. It’s called,

“The Dark and the Night: A Time Span”

©2016  Jaime Lynn Smith

“In the night she hears him calling, 30 years later, ears covered by hands, head down.

She still feels him, towards her, crawling.

If you wake up in the night she’ll be eyes wide open, heart racing, disoriented, nervous and fluttering around.

In fact, if you wake up in the night, she may just be gone, gone, gone. Spontaneously and haphazardly she applies the flight theory in love and life – deuces, so long long long.

At night before bed as a grown damn adult she constantly finds herself stalling: twirling, thinking, zoning, smoking, drugging, dragging, driving, drawing. Her recent ways of quelling thoughts about him are quite appalling.

Tension now sleeps in her neck and back, she smiling less; as she know she faces an unfair and unpleasant emotional overhauling.                 Memories from decades ago willfully crawling into her Consciousness. It’s made her capable of dissociating, vacillating… Well that’s fascinating but sad to see a star so quickly falling.

She steps in to relieve her pain with whatever she finds… Breathlessly bawling, shadow-like long and then, flat-out Stonewalling.

In the night…It’s 3 am. A burly blurry blackness among shadows is all she can see.

In the night, in the dark. How can he possibly knock me down again when I’m already on my knees?IMG_20140723_184020_066.jpg

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Dear Patients Please Have Patience

These ugly people won’t bring me down.

They try to act serious but look like scary run-down clowns.

They come in here and play their games.

They cheat and steal but harbor no shame.

It’s just jealousy. But they won’t beat me.



meek and quiet,

clueless bitchers.

Bad attitude, no gratitude, but you sure know how to be rude and crude.

We’ve all cold as ice mean fronts,

specially the dirty-skinned pyscho who resembles too closely a short, fat blunt.

I think you’re a little man with no plan, thinkin’ your tough but can’t take a stand.

Obvious immaturity – a chronic user is all you’ll ever be .

Grade School IQ’s, sucks to be you,

can’t handle a female dissing you, even though she speaks the truth?

So you diss the smart ones, try to project it on a few people all around,

don’t you all know what we know? That your sense of intellectualism is gone, as in, never will be found.

Anger is not an accomplishment. Your brain is like a block of cement.

You hide your stupidity by speaking no words, good idea for the group

but your inaction is what finally makes you heard.

Poser, dishonest faker,

for whatever they want I’m sure you’ll be the maker.

Scaredy cat,

spoiled brat,

you really need to grow up – stat.


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Words I Live By..A Smattering of Inspiration

“The simplest and shortest ethical precept is to be served by others as little as possible, and to serve others as much as possible.” ~Leo Tolstoy

“There is little peace or comfort in life if we are always anxious as to future events.” ~Samuel Johnson

Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.” ~H.W. Longfellow

“Repression of expression creates an obsession that only responds to self-reflection and confession.” JL Smith

“An intention is followed by additional intentions; a decision is followed by action.” ~Unknown

MY PERSONAL FAVE: “To remain silent when they should speak out in protest makes cowards out of men.” ~Thomas Jefferson

“Don’t be a human doing all the time. Sometimes, just be a human being.” ~ Unknown

The Gifts of Feeling your Feelings:

From PAIN comes HEALING.

From FEAR comes WISDOM.


From GUILT comes AMENDS (eventually…)


And from JOY comes HEALING as well.


Love, JamLand


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The One?

Dried out inspiration

Worn out infatuation

A pessimistic infestation

Is that why you move with such hesitation?


Easy to see the ‘one’ is not me

So why do I blindly

Go where I still can’t see?

Where I can’t just be me?


I feel I’ve waited my fair share

And earned the right to brush my hand through your hair…

I feel I’ve given my proper due

And I’m not afraid to admit that all I want is you.

Posted by: jaime1010 | August 26, 2012

Your Shoes

As soon as I

pick my remaining

self off the

bottom of your shoes,

Ill be just fine.


I keep laughing at the fine lines –

cuz’ you gave me a kiss and I left

and you whined-

but really were you trying

not to think of her the whole time?


Such a spotless yet messy crime…


So please step back.

Give me your shoes,

and let me take back what is mine.

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Those Shoes…

What are you doing wearing those shoes?

They’re not yours; they don’t even fit you.

I know you really love them

but they won’t last too long,

they’re too big by a size or two.


Will you stand up straight, please?

Put your shoulders back.

Damn it, put your chin up,

Don’t you remember how to act?


Its not like you’ve never tried on shoes before.

Keep walking in that pair and your feet will hurt even more.


“They’re not really mine, anyways,

I gave them back to my friend.

He decided no shoes was inconvenient for him

so he put them back on again”

– Jaime L. Smith

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