Posted by: jaime1010 | November 12, 2007

Cyber Monday for Women Shopaholics; Makeup Galore, Gimmie More

Who likes to shop online? Who has an unstoppable addiction to the wonderful process of buying something at the click of a button, then getting one of those wonderful smelling UPS packages on the doorstep the next day…?

I can never help myself. The makeup-buying is the worst. God forbid I just go and buy mascara at the grocery store. Eventhough it will sit in my drawer filled with all the other $15 tubes that I have amassed and not used…

 Thank God for Cyber Monday. Across cyberspace we’re all getting discounts, free shipping, free giveaways, incentive prizes and more! Whew -hew! Especially for women’s products, has 30% off of your order, and they have all the over-the-counter stuff as well as high-end. has free samples when you purchase something if you sign up for their mailing list (which you can later opt out of). Plus they have free shipping if you spend $50 (which is nothing if you ask me…) lets you make payments on their beauty kits – which are the best thing ever created for womankind. That stuff keeps my skin so squeeky-clean and blemish-free, it’s amazing considering the amount of soda and cigarettes I consume. Plus, you get ALL KINDS of good stuff if you join their Radiant Rewards program. Philosophy is the mecca for women who want clean skin and the best skin care (for body, too). I’m telling you – it’s worth it. I have never turned my back since I discovered this line. Try the Inner Grace line – it is so soft and feminine, and clean, but it’s not overbearing, deeply floral or musky or anything gross like that. Plus, if you order something now from their site you get free Microdelivery Peel pads. These things are like skin-liquor. I swear by them.

Dermstore has free shipping right now on all orders, too, and you can shop by phone if you’d like. Sometimes that’s easier… Their site is really neat because it’s all alphabetized so it’s really user-friendly. Cosmetique also gives you free shipping if you spend over $40.

Let me know what you gals find and what you think, too.

Happy Shopping!



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