Posted by: jaime1010 | December 6, 2007

Can’t Catch a Break

So this is just a big rant.

Last Friday I’m driving along the road about to turn right when this lady smacks right into the back of my car. I immediately turned on my hazard lights and pulled over to the side. Imagine my dismay when she pulls up next to me, rolls down her window, and screams “Oh – there’s no damage,” and speeds off. What the f**c? Are you KIDDING me?

 Not one to be outdone or taken advantage of I pursued her while on the phone with the 911 operator. Mean while I’m hysterical crying and shaking with anger. I followed her for about two miles and got the license plate number but that was not good enough for me. While the operator is encouraging me to back off since I gave the plate number, I am honking and flashing my lights at her and yelling at her (like she can hear me or something). Finally, this stupid nitwit pulls over in the parking garage of the mall.

Still on the phone with 911, I SCREAMED out the window, “Pull the F**K over – the police are coming. You just fled the scene of an accident.” She started to freak out and stopped her car. She got out and came to look at my car and I yelled: “you don’t just smack into someone’s car and leave you idiot.” Meanwhile the 911 operator – on the phone with the local police – is saying “Caller is about to get into an altercation with the suspect.” HELL YA I’m about to get into an altercation…

 Then the lady comes over to my car and I’m SCREAMING at her, “there’s no damage? You stupid $%#$%#$.” And she has the nerve to say, “well that damage isn’t from me.” OH MY GOD it took every ounce of strength I had to not attack this woman. I DO know karate and I was so tempted to take her the F**K down.

The police finally get there and took a report, took pictures. The police woman takes our insurance and gets both sides of the story. This stupid bitch that hit me said that I TOLD HER TO MOVE. What an idiot. I was motioning for her to pull over and she tells the cop that I told her to LEAVE. I WAS ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDED that a 50-year-old woman who has her daughter in the car sits there and LIES TO THE POLICE LADY’s FACE. Who does that? I cannot catch a break here.

The police woman gave me the other lady’s name and insurance (supposedly) and tells me that she is citing the lady for fleeing an accident scene. YES!!!!!!!!

Imagine – again – my dismay, when her insurance company calls me and says the car is not insured with them. This stupid woman FALSIFIED A FREAKING POLICE REPORt. I went and got a copy of the report. AGAIN, I can’t catch a break. That stupid LYING COP — (Officer Traub, Beachwood Ohio Police – if you are out there I’m talking to you) cited her for FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY. SAYING NOTHING ABOUT FLEEING THE SCENE.

The lady that hit me can’t even call me back. She has her husband do it, and he tells me his wife is a “tough patient.” I could think of more choice words on that one.” He has the nerve to start yelling at me when I ask for the correct insurance information. Telling me it will be taken care of. And telling me that it isn’t his car OR her car, it’s his Dad’s or something. Then  I tell him that Nationwide called me and said they don’t cover the car. Then he starts yelling even more, pissed off that my insurance guy had already been processing this.

THEN my insurance agent calls me and tells me that Nationwide’s claim service SUCKS and they are trying to avoid setting up a claim.

So here I am –  a week later with NO answers, no idea who owns the car, no idea if they even have car insurance, and an estimate for $500 worth of damage to my year-old SAAB. My baby.

Why do the people who deserve bad karma never get it?

I have absolutely NO power here and it’s driving me crazy. There is nothing I can do. I do intend to call the police officer and politely ask her why there was no citation for fleeing the scene of an accident. Then I plan on telling her there is false information on the report. Then, if she doesn’t do anything, I plan to write or visit her Captain and tell him of the inefficiencies of his police force. AND the Mayor of the City. That’s how PISSED OFF I am right now.




  1. Hmmm… Sounds, like careless driving to me. My neighbor won a case after hiring these los angeles car accident lawyers firm. I suppose money can’t wash the ugly memories away but can bring some newer and happier ones.

  2. Oh my god! You have WAY more restraint than I do. It’s a good thing I don’t know karate, because I would have kicked that b*tches ass if I had been in that situation!!!

    Good for you though for not giving her anything to use against you.

    I hope she gets into trouble over this, but I know with the laws we have that protect the idiots and the criminals, she probably won’t.

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