Posted by: jaime1010 | December 11, 2007

You Only Love the Game

A month has passed, maybe two. I wonder why I still watch you.

I said to you — please keep in mind when you’re choosing — that what you give -you’ll get right back, and you know how I hate losing.

I think that sometimes we’re thinking the same, then you remind me–it’s all about the game.

Are you challenging me?

It’s just like getting on base, it’s more exciting when it’s all about the chase.

But I need something I can actually claim, I was thinking when you whispered, “You love the game.”

But then you walk, you smile at me as you talk. Your eyes tell me: “I’m glad you came.”

You don’t know I figured out your game.

I’m done playing — but your others will do. They’ll keep trying and trying to score for you.

You’ll eventually realize that you’re brimming with shame because everyone knows you didn’t really win any games.

You’ll say, “Gimmie something – she’s familiar – what’s her name? I’ll start all over – I love this game.”


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