Posted by: jaime1010 | November 20, 2009

It’s Friday!

Can’t wait for my little night away from home tonight, kind of a celebratory occasion I guess…

I finally signed on for some contract work – hooray! And I have another contract assignment coming down the pike too so it looks like I’ll go from jobless to having two jobs…pretty sweet. I gotta admit though, I still want the job in Los Angeles but learned that they are not providing relocation….hmmmm. But LA versus Ohio? What would you do?

Anyhow, interesting comment came through on my last post about American Greetings Corporation ((NYSE: AM). Its from a former employee who does NOT speak highly of the company at all…

Here’s what she said after reading about the backdating stock investigation: “I used to work there a LONG time ago and the upper mgmt is filled with a bunch of Jews who will do anything to line their pockets.” This was just the beginning of her comment…Wow…talk about disgruntled. This is actually not the first Ive heard of disgruntled AG employees. The website posts blogs on them every now and then and the comments are usually pretty viscious.

Wow, that’s pretty powerful stuff.  I wonder if they have someone in PR monitoring this chatter…

Living in northern Ohio I obviously hear things about American Greetings all the time but this stock backdating investigation has gotten some people pretty riled up. I hope that justice is served in this case, whatever the real truth is…Im so tired of companies and banks taking advantage of the consumeer and then US bailing them out. Enough is enough already.

Hope everyone has a good weekend:)



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