Posted by: jaime1010 | July 28, 2012

Ashes in a Glass

Do you know what its like to watch someone kill herself?

Have you seen that girl…

through the bottom of the glass?

Do you feel what’s inside the girl’s troubled heartbeat?

Blame and fear,

self-disgust, loathing and low-class.


Do you know what it’s like to watch one you love slowly die?

Have you gone through the pain: wrenching and uncontrollable?

Have you watched the girl point the finger at everyone else around her…

In hysterics…

An 80-proof mess, ashing a cigarette in her glass,

totally inconsolable…?


Did you try to stand by and do your “sisterly duty,” did you help her,

Keep her secrets safe?

Or did you let sordid details be known in an effort to help,

Subsequently getting the relationship erased?


She says you ruined her,

it’s all your fault,

you are the one to blame.

To bombed bits, her bubble is blown

when you tell her that of her you are ashamed.

The bottle

The shot glass

The line or pint

The case –

They’ve all taken part in tearing her down.

But she has no bottom – it’s mysteriously yet to be found.

And in the meantime, all who love her don’t sleep sound,

At the ring of the phone, jump out of their skin, pacing all around.

She’s heading underground…


Is not forgiving a person like trying to kill them by taking the poison yourself?



  1. A lot of question brought to life by the powerful poem. Hard to stop some people journeys. Thank you for the amazing poem.

    • Thanks John, come on back and read lots more!

    • Fucking amazing. Whoa.

      • Thx Jasper!

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