Posted by: jaime1010 | July 29, 2012

Untitled Poem About Self-Seeking, Soul-Searching

Save me, sky, from these clouded patterns.

Hold me, ground, from this unearthly matter.

Make me smile,

Let me need,

Make me burn,

let me bleed.

Take me sun, from these frozen ways.

Give me up nights; let me seize days.

Make me want

Let me give

Make me frown

Let me live.

Keep me, conscience, from uncanny mistakes.

Forbid me, hands, from unfriendly shakes.

Make me cry,

Show me pain,

Take my clouds

and give me rain

There’s no reciprocity until you learn to give

There’s no reality until you learn to live.

Can’t I shine?

Why can’t I see?

There’s just too many masks for me to be me…


– Jaime Lynn Smith



  1. Awesome, Jaime! Unusual meter, great rhyme scheme–content surpasses all these things. You have a real poetic ear! (well…hopefully, 2…:)

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