Posted by: jaime1010 | February 14, 2017

Dear Patients Please Have Patience

These ugly people won’t bring me down.

They try to act serious but look like scary run-down clowns.

They come in here and play their games.

They cheat and steal but harbor no shame.

It’s just jealousy. But they won’t beat me.



meek and quiet,

clueless bitchers.

Bad attitude, no gratitude, but you sure know how to be rude and crude.

We’ve all cold as ice mean fronts,

specially the dirty-skinned pyscho who resembles too closely a short, fat blunt.

I think you’re a little man with no plan, thinkin’ your tough but can’t take a stand.

Obvious immaturity – a chronic user is all you’ll ever be .

Grade School IQ’s, sucks to be you,

can’t handle a female dissing you, even though she speaks the truth?

So you diss the smart ones, try to project it on a few people all around,

don’t you all know what we know? That your sense of intellectualism is gone, as in, never will be found.

Anger is not an accomplishment. Your brain is like a block of cement.

You hide your stupidity by speaking no words, good idea for the group

but your inaction is what finally makes you heard.

Poser, dishonest faker,

for whatever they want I’m sure you’ll be the maker.

Scaredy cat,

spoiled brat,

you really need to grow up – stat.



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