Posted by: jaime1010 | March 10, 2017

The Dark and the Night

These are last three stanzas of a horribly hurtful poem that I only revisit on occasion. It’s called,

“The Dark and the Night: A Time Span”

©2016  Jaime Lynn Smith

“In the night she hears him calling, 30 years later, ears covered by hands, head down.

She still feels him, towards her, crawling.

If you wake up in the night she’ll be eyes wide open, heart racing, disoriented, nervous and fluttering around.

In fact, if you wake up in the night, she may just be gone, gone, gone. Spontaneously and haphazardly she applies the flight theory in love and life – deuces, so long long long.

At night before bed as a grown damn adult she constantly finds herself stalling: twirling, thinking, zoning, smoking, drugging, dragging, driving, drawing. Her recent ways of quelling thoughts about him are quite appalling.

Tension now sleeps in her neck and back, she smiling less; as she know she faces an unfair and unpleasant emotional overhauling.                 Memories from decades ago willfully crawling into her Consciousness. It’s made her capable of dissociating, vacillating… Well that’s fascinating but sad to see a star so quickly falling.

She steps in to relieve her pain with whatever she finds… Breathlessly bawling, shadow-like long and then, flat-out Stonewalling.

In the night…It’s 3 am. A burly blurry blackness among shadows is all she can see.

In the night, in the dark. How can he possibly knock me down again when I’m already on my knees?IMG_20140723_184020_066.jpg



  1. Interesting……

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