Posted by: jaime1010 | March 21, 2017


People are on blast like the world’s going to end.

Insensitive and crass, suddenly those Golden Rules can be bent.

Vertigo, vertigo, spinning and spinning…Why, nobody knows.

But we get blown around in the whipping breeze. It’s a gray day outside – it forebodes… telling me my intentions were spoiled when I never made it to my knees.

The wind is blowing the rain into my car, I’m soaked and blinded from a massive downpour.

The sky’s gloomy gray and it’s unfolding on us from afar.

The ensuing torrent has just caused worrisome years to burst forth from all my scars.

It approaches me but I slumber like a Willow left with no defense.

Still shell-shocked I just can’t believe I hurdled that pesky metaphorical fence –

Only to keep running as fast as my feet can go.

And though it’s unfamiliar now, in my head there’s a humming glow.

From what I’ll never know.


© 2015 Jaime Lynn Smith


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