JaimeGreetings! Welcome to JamLand! I must attribute “JamLand” to the many friends over the years who have called me JamLand. I have a tendency to stare into nothing and get completely caught in a trance. I generally stare into space and twirl my hair. When I was in high school, my one friend said: “Jaime – what are you always thinking about when you do that? You, like, are in JamLand or something.” She used to call me Jam. And I go to my own land quite often. Hence, JamLand. So here it is – my critical thoughts, random rants, and all sorts of other crap that you may or may not like.

I am a very friendly person and the smile in this picture is what I usually arm myself with. If you smile at someone and they don’t smile back, they are probably very unhappy, or (if you live in Orange County, CA like I did for 10 years), they are just downright rude and judgmental!


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